The club was established and federated in 1946. Its activity began progressively in 1958 in the Spanish Rescue Service installations.

In 1967 the first administrative concessions were obtained, with 3.000 m2 in the maritime zone and 10.000 m2 in second zone or zone of quarries, and 400 m2 of jetty. 
As the maritime zone had very little land, there was need to reclaim land in order to obtain the necessary surface for the services of first line of sea of the Club. Also a zone that had been deposit of old embarcations and dump was reorganized. 
The Stores with a surface covered with 3.000 m2 were built in the stone zone to keep the boats in winter . The installations were carried out and services of the jetty for the use of larger boats. 

The Club de Vela de Palamós was created in 1970 to promote sailing and to continue the sportive tasks initiated by the Club Nautic Costa Brava. The Club de Vela organizes among others activities the well known international regata “Christmas Race”. The National School of Sailing was created by the Spanish Federation of Sailing in 1971 and they utilized our installations for training the Olympic Spanish teams of sailing. Moreover, have been organized World, Spain and Catalonia championships. In April of 1995 Ports de la Generalitat authorizes the modification of the Club installations. In 1996-97 the present installations are built. The present concession of the Club finalizes in July 2018. The Club has contributed and contributes to the economic, touristic, and sport development of Palamós. 

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