CNCB – Vela Palamós, committed to its social commitment, collaborates with the co financing of the construction to adapt the new office of VIMAR in Calonge – Sant Antoni.

29 July 2020

Last Tuesday 28th July, the president of Club Nàutic Costa Brava – Vela Palamós, Mr. Eduard Sallés, gave the check with the economic contribution to the employer of the foundation, Mr. Jordi Sistach, in order to contribute with the financing of the adaptation that is going to take place in the old Parochial “Rober” of Calonge – Sant Antoni, transferred by the Town Council of this town.

With this gesture, Club Nàutic Costa Brava – Vela Palamós consolidates its solidarity project and its social commitment with entities that take over the well-being of people with functional diversity and provides them an easier access to the sea and to the sailing sport, such as Fundació Vimar, Fundació Tresc, Escola Palau in Girona and CEE Els Àngels in Palamós.

Compromís Social

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